Yenat Guada – Recommended, but I have a marketing idea

I like Ethiopian food and happen to work quite close to several very good Ethiopian restaurants.  The ingredients are always fresh and the people couldn’t be nicer.  But, my challenge remains eating with the injera.  I’m just not very good at it.  And, even though this may be heretical, I think the food would taste better without always coupling it with the injera.  From a marketing standpoint, I suggest they give the readily available option of eating with a fork, just as a fork is an option to intimidating chopsticks.

Yenat Guada – I had the Doro Wot (chicken) and the Miser Wot (lentils).  Very good, very fresh.  Ethiopian clientele in a strangely located sub surface area off of Greenville.  Quite nice inside.

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