Want to prepare a Russian meal at home? Euro Deli delivers.

I went to the Euro Deli, which perhaps should be called the Russian Deli, and first asked the lady behind the meat and cheese counter a few questions.  English posed a problem, so I knew I liked the place!

I told the guy behind the register that my family is contemplating traveling to Russia and we wanted some authentic Russian food to enhance the evening’s discussion.  With great charm and gusto he directed me towards:

Siberian Dumplings, to be boiled five minutes and then served with butter, mustard or sour cream.

Herring to be topped lightly with onion and served with a boiled potato and accompanied with vodka (Beluga Vodka is the best he said).

Moskovskaya from the deli (salami looking), Litovskiy cheese and Baltika beer were recommended for appetizers.

Euro Deli reminds me of Jimmy’s Italian Market in East Dallas, but Jimmy’s has a lot of non-Italians while Euro Deli strikes me as catering mainly to Russians.


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