Samad – Persian (Iranian); Try the “Lamb Juice”

Man oh man this one looked promising. It had all the elements initially, and I was excited that this was going to be a “find” I’ll be taking the family to. The location is over near Southwestern Medical Center, but on a random street next to a car repair shop. The older owner (Sam) was there to greet us, as we walked into a plain room with a counter on the left and chairs/tables on the right. The Persian posters on the wall, a sign announcing lamb head and feet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and another sign for Madjoor Dates all enticed me, but the overall appearance and lack of people got a few of the crew concerned.

The bulletin board contained the menu, and we split kebob (both chicken and beef) and the spinach special. I asked about soup, but Sam said they didn’t have any. Instead, they had “lamb juice.” I asked for some clarity, but none was forthcoming. I ordered it, but with some trepidation.

While the others may have been a bit alarmed by the spare accomodations and blaring Dr. Oz, I was enthused when the rich hummus arrived. My enthusiasm dimmed when the corn chips to accompany them were stale. Perhaps the wonderful Iraqui bread at Bilad had set my standards too high? While asking  for fresh didn’t seem too inappropriate. Sam shrugged, said “corn chips?” as if the staleness was to be expected, and then returned with some other chips.  This time they were Lays sour cream and onion chips. Really. And this was a huge shame because the hummus was exceptional, and distinguishible by its density (perhaps more Tahini?). Food poisoning jokes commenced.

Each of the main dishes involved a mound of rice with a huge slab of butter sitting on top. Kebabs were under the rice, the spinach stew (with beef) to the side. And, the food was quite good! Especially with the Tumeric (?) spice he brought in one of those old school sugar containers.

And, let’s not forget the lamb juice. It took a while to get to the table, but when it did we were pleased to see it was lamb broth! I love broth, and this was well done with the right amount of salt and pepper. I have no idea if this is hard to make, but I consider it a richly satisfying soup (is broth not a soup? Is it a juice? Worth a Google at some point).

Great hummus deserving of better than stale corn chips

I may go back, because Sam claims that lamb head is excellent. I’ll be taking my own pita however.

Persian owner – Yes
Persian writing/posters – yes
Persian diners – one
Other Persian restaurants in the vicinity – no
Authentic food – yes
Best Persian food in Dallas? Unlikely.


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