Moroccan – Souk

Yelp lists five Moroccan food restaurants in DFW. We went to Souk in Trinity Groves, which violates several of our rules (too trendy, not in an area where Moroccans live or other Moroccan restaurants are located, no Moroccan language spoken or native signs posted), but it was quite good and seemed to have some authentic dishes on the menu. My meatballs were called “Moroccan Meatballs”, so that is something. Good couscous too, and perhaps that is at least partially how a Moroccan restaurant should be judged?

“Souk” is an Arab market/bazaar.  Sometimes a stall in one.   I wonder if it is used appropriately here, but Trinity Groves is a type of food bazaar, so perhaps so.

Wikipedia says Moroccan cuisine is typically a mix of Arabic, Andalusian, Berber and Mediterranean cuisines with a slight European and Subsaharan influence. Berber?   I googled Berber food in Dallas and didn’t find anything.   I didn’t find specific references to Andalusian food either, but I did notice Andalous Mediterranean Grill in Arlington and it had quite good review.

I think I’ll try Medina Moroccan (the one in Richardson – there is also a Medina in Victory Park) next because it isn’t in Trinity Groves, Uptown…..and, it is in an area with more middle eastern restaurants so perhaps that is a good sign.

Moroccan Meatballs over couscous






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