Medina (Richardson) – Moroccan

So, I tried Medina in Richardson (right off 75 on Main in one of my favorite dining areas) after eating at Souk and it was a great little spot.  The specialty is  a dish similar (but much better than) Halal Guys, which is meat over rice with a sauce and vegetables.  I can’t recall if Halal Guys had the vegetables to chose from because it simply wasn’t a memorable dining experience, but I can tell you that these made the dish – especially the pickles.  Next time I might double up on the pickles.

This is legit – foreign language spoken by guests, a very nice owner who personally asked about everything,  and lots of nearby competition.    Worth the visit.

FYI, Medina is the old Arab or non-European part of a North African town.  It also is the second most important city in Islam (meaning ‘City of the Prophet”).



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