MarRosso Café – the best Eritrean cuisine (and perhaps East African) in Dallas

All I knew about Eritrea was that it was the home of the world record holder in the half marathon, Zersenay Tadese.   Now I know quite a bit more, including that we have some terrific Eritrean food in Dallas.

MarRosso (Red Sea in Italian, per the owner) serves what it describes as “East African” cuisine, but because the owners are Eritrean and distinguished the cuisine from Ethiopian by describing it as having less butter and more Italian influence, I’m designating it as Eritrean cuisine for the purposes of the quest.

Injera and stew is a staple, and I tried the beef stew with jalapenos.  Excellent.  Sambusa and Falafel were terrific.   The vegetables with injera were a big hit.

Make sure you talk to the owners, who are charming and justifiably proud of their food and Eritrea.  It will enhance your experience.

Eritrean food
Eritrean food – mixed
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