Laotian Food anyone? If you like Thai or Vietnamese, give it a try

Set inside a small grocery store, Nalinh Market has a few tables and food that is quite good (and I’ll return ), even though what I ordered didn’t set the world on fire.   It hit the criteria as far as ratio of diners, signage and authentic feeling (hard to get more authentic than a Laotian market, community sticky rice and encouragement to use the rice as utensils).  I’m not sure about the competition level, but DFW has plenty of Thai and Vietnamese restaurants and there is quite an overlap.  Rice is self serve out of two large rice makers, which was fun (and a nice waitress guided us).

Good fried pork ribs, papaya salad, Aum Gui (a stew) and sticky rice (a Laotian staple, so it better be good!).  Try the Padaek too in order to see if you like it.  A menu I’d like to explore a bit.

Before eating Laotian, read this.

Update:  the owners have opened Sapp Sapp Lao and Thai Kitchen which I’ll review soon.  Here is one good review.

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