La Me. Sure, it is easy to make jokes about the “lame” name, but then go eat there

Vietnamese food, along with Thai, Mexican, Chinese (American Chinese) and Italian suffer from a big case of “sameness”, as in the same old menu, same old ambiance, same old mainly white patrons.   We eat there to consume, and not to savor or to explore.  La Me breaks this mold, although it has a variation (usually better) of the traditional fare.  Go for the soups (trust me, even if you aren’t a “soup person”), the egg rolls (trust me again) and the beef.  Expect to be among a vast majority of Asians.  As usual, my experience in engaging the waitstaff paid off.  After an inquiry, the best way to eat the egg rolls was explained lovingly (and I think it was by a person on staff, but it could have been a random nice guy as I think about it), and it enhanced the whole experience.

My new favorite Vietnamese.  The soup My Quang (on the specialties page) is up for best Vietnamese dish in town.

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