Chai Khanah: Iraqi food will make you happy

start with the lamb kabobs, then explore

Dallas (Richardson to be more specific) has some really, really good Iraqi food.    After such a fun, rewarding experience at Albaghdady, we went to the owner’s “real restaurant” Chai Khenah.  Immediately, I liked the place – good ratio, competitors in abundance, signs I couldn’t read and a legit menu.  As with many of these suggested places, don’t be put off by the service if not as expected.  A smile and request gets you what you need, and often more.

I ordered lamb kabob because my waiter recommended it – “all you Americans like kebab” – and it was great.  That said, next time I try the “pita, meat and cheese” as suggested by owner Salah Hassan.

Lentil soup, lamb kabobs, and hummus were all standouts.  Plan on taking food home.

Here is a good review.

For more on Salah Hassan, read this and appreciate it all just a bit more.

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