Purepeche – not only the name of a great restaurant, but also a tribe in Mexico and perhaps the only cuisine of its type in Dallas/Ft. Worth?

One of the fun things about exploring new cuisines is that you learn some cool, unexpected stuff and then can share it.  I ate at a great restaurant in Deep Ellum with clients at their holiday event.  I’d been to the front restaurant, Revolver Taco Bar, before and loved it.  Great margaritas, superb tacos and a chill vibe.  But, I’d never been to the sister restaurant housed in the back of Revolver where, as you’ll see below, I had a magnificent meal and wonderful time.  That alone is worth writing about, but there is more.

The name of the restaurant I learned later is Purepeche (although most reviews call it Purapeche).  I assumed it was made up, perhaps a hybrid.  Wrong.  The Purepeche are an indigenous people from Michoacán, where the owner of the restaurant and his family are from.   There are estimated to be 175,000 living in Mexico.  And, their food is often called the Soul Food of Mexico.   How cool is that?  How many people actually get to eat Purepeche cuisine?  Well, you can if you live in Dallas, Texas and make a reservation for the back room at Revolver Taco.  You can thank me later.  The owner of Purepeche, and of Revolver Taco Lounge in front (did I mention that the tacos to rival El Trompo as the best in Dallas?) is Regino Rojas. From Michoacan, Mexico,

As to the food, after a few smaller, mainly seafood, dishes, I found a large (dead) crustacean in my bowl.  That was interesting, but what was poured over it was infinitely more so, as we savored some of the best soup I’ve ever had – Butternut squash with crab chunks. Sounds rather mundane. Tastes anything but. I’ll put this on my best dishes in Dallas list, but I’m not sure how often you can get it, because this fixed price gem serves whatever the chef wants to cook that night.  Evidently the deserts are authentic too.

For a gourmet dinner for out of town guests looking for a unique meal, get reservations and take them to Purapeche. For sublime tacos and margaritas with your girlfriend, sit up front at Revolver.. Either way, you’ll be happy.


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